For the past several years, I have been proud to represent the residents of Sterling Heights as one of their city councilmen. It is an honor to serve my community and I look forward to continuing to do so, just in a different capacity. I was inspired to run for State Representative in the 25th district, because I want to contribute to the issues that I think would have a positive impact on our state.


The key to a good job is a good education. Current policy in the Lansing has resulted in crowded classrooms that overemphasize standardized testing, and allow student to slip through the cracks and dropout or graduate unprepared. We are failing our kids and robbing them of opportunities to gain the skills necessary to compete in the 21st century economy. We need to ensure every student has a caring, qualified and committed teacher, and we need to prioritize education funding that allows educators more time to connect one-on-one with students to encourage critical thinking and creativity. 

Better Roads

Michigan families need good roads to take our kids to school and get to work safely without blowing a tire of busting an axle. Our roads are more dangerous than ever. We need real solutions to fix our crumbling roads and bridges without forcing regular families to foot the bill for everything. Rebuilding our infrastructure will jumpstart our economy and create thousands of good paying jobs for working people right here in Michigan .

Affordable College and Job Training

Every student should have the freedom to pursue their dreams and get the skills they need to compete for good paying jobs right here in Michigan. To build a highly skilled workforce and help our young people move quickly into high quality jobs, we must work together  to increase support for our skilled trades training and apprenticeship programs. Also, we need to work to make college and university tuition more affordable for students, while offering relief to families that are struggling to pay off their student debt.

Protecting Pure Michigan

As Michiganders, we all share a special responsibility to protect the Great Lakes, because our economy, tourism and industry, and our families’ health all rely on clean water. Every parent should be able to turn on the tap and know the water they're giving their kids is safe to drink.  But polluters have used their money and influence in Lansing to manipulate the rules in their favor by weakening protections for the Great Lakes and slashing funding for programs that ensure clean and safe water for Michigan families. We need to work together to create a better balance between good paying jobs and a sustainable future for our environment. That means restoring protections to the Great Lakes shoreline, preventing the spread of invasive species like Asian Carp, and requiring polluters to pay for the disasters they create.  

Strong Families and

Good Jobs

In Michigan, families should always come first. Whether it’s a newborn baby, your elderly mom, or a spouse who’s sick, everyone knows being there and providing for your family isn’t optional. All working people should have a fair shot at the American dream, with the freedom to negotiate together for better jobs with strong paychecks, good benefits, a secure retirement, and more time to be with family. We must do everything we can to protect the things our families need, like Social Security and Medicare, paid family leave, affordable child care, and great public schools for our kids.

Restoring Local Control

The issue of local control has become a problem. Some legislators in Lansing are trying to make decisions for local units of government, and pushing the local officials out of the process. Your local officials are better informed to make decisions that affect their individual communities. I will work to make sure the legislature ends these attempts to disregard the will of our residents.

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